Best Flowers to Gift During the Summer Season

Best Flowers to Gift During the Summer Season

Summer is a season of warmth, vibrancy, and growth, making it the perfect time to gift flowers. At Aster Lane Floral, we believe that every flower tells a story and carries a special meaning. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, expressing gratitude, or simply brightening someone’s day, choosing the right flowers can make your gift even more meaningful. Here are some of the best flowers to gift during the summer season and the meanings behind them.

1. Sunflowers

Meaning: Happiness, Positivity, Longevity

Sunflowers are quintessential summer flowers that symbolize happiness and positivity. Their bright yellow petals and large, cheerful faces evoke the warmth of the sun. Sunflowers are also associated with longevity, making them a great choice for celebrating enduring relationships or wishing someone a long and happy life. Gifting sunflowers can bring joy and light into any room, making them a perfect summer gift.

2. Dahlias

Meaning: Elegance, Strength, Creativity

Dahlias are known for their stunning variety of colors and intricate petal patterns. These flowers symbolize elegance, inner strength, and creativity. They are often given to convey admiration and to celebrate someone’s unique beauty and resilience. With their bold and dramatic blooms, dahlias make a striking gift that can brighten any occasion.

Flowers of Summer: Dahlias

3. Lavender

Meaning: Serenity, Grace, Calm

Lavender’s soothing scent and delicate purple flowers are perfect for conveying a sense of calm and tranquility. This flower symbolizes grace and serenity, making it an ideal gift for someone who could use a little relaxation and peace. Lavender is also known for its stress-relieving properties, adding a thoughtful touch to your gift.

4. Roses

Meaning: Love, Appreciation, Joy

While roses are often associated with romance, their different colors can convey a range of emotions. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, making them a great choice for summer celebrations and expressing gratitude. Pink roses represent admiration and happiness, while white roses signify purity and new beginnings. A bouquet of mixed roses can convey a multitude of heartfelt messages.

5. Peonies

Meaning: Prosperity, Honor, Romance

Peonies are lush, fragrant flowers that symbolize prosperity, honor, and romantic love. They are often associated with good fortune and a happy marriage, making them a popular choice for weddings and anniversaries. Peonies’ large, soft blooms and sweet scent make them an enchanting summer gift that conveys a message of beauty and prosperity.

Flowers of Summer: Peonies

6. Hydrangeas

Meaning: Gratitude, Understanding, Abundance

Hydrangeas are known for their large, full blooms and come in various colors, each with its own meaning. Pink hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotion, while blue hydrangeas represent understanding and patience. White hydrangeas convey grace and abundance. These flowers are perfect for expressing gratitude and appreciation, making them a thoughtful gift for any occasion​.

7. Lilies

Meaning: Purity, Commitment, Renewal

Lilies are elegant flowers that symbolize purity, commitment, and renewal. White lilies are often associated with new beginnings and spiritual significance, making them a meaningful gift for someone starting a new chapter in their life. Asiatic and Oriental lilies, with their vibrant colors and exotic appearance, add a touch of sophistication and beauty to any summer bouquet.

Flowers of Summer: Lillies8. Gerbera Daisies

Meaning: Cheerfulness, Innocence, Beauty

Gerbera daisies are bright, cheerful flowers that symbolize innocence and beauty. Their vibrant colors and playful appearance make them a perfect gift for spreading joy and positivity. Gerbera daisies are great for celebrating happy occasions and making someone’s day a little brighter.


Summer is the perfect time to celebrate with the beauty and symbolism of flowers. At Aster Lane Floral, we offer a wide range of Parisian-style arrangements and bespoke designs to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re expressing love, gratitude, or joy, our stunning floral creations are crafted to convey your heartfelt emotions. Visit our store or explore our offerings online to find the ideal summer flowers for your loved ones.

By choosing flowers that carry meaningful messages, you can create a gift that is not only beautiful but also deeply personal and significant. Let Aster Lane Floral help you celebrate the season with the perfect blooms.


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